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  • Modern cloud solutions & services

Providing specialist consultancy services.

Our services and solutions are delivered as part of a defined end-to-end implementation process and are based on years of experience working on the Microsoft 365 and Azure platforms.


Our Services

FastTrack Engagements

We offer FREE initial consulting on every single licensed Microsoft product through FastTrack.

SharePoint UI Design Service

Transforms generic SharePoint user interface into one that convey corporate identity and resemble popular modern look-and-feel.

Migration Service

Expertly perform and complete any type and size migration with our consultants. From on-premises to the cloud, legacy to the most recent. We do them all!

Coldboot Support Services

Be at peace with knowing that the uptime of your M365 environment is guaranteed with our proactive- and reactive specialist support services.

Power Development Services

Build high-powered business solutions with our low-code Developer service using Power Platform integrated with Azure services (Chatbots, Machine Learning).


Metanalysis is a resource consulting and technology firm that delivers SharePoint, Microsoft 365 (M365), SQL Server, and Azure-oriented solutions & services.

We provide unique, niche and high-value business solutions and services to assist our clients to better understand the rich features, benefits and to maximize return on their Microsoft technology investment.

Enquire today, and see how we may help your organization!

Why Choose Us

Experienced Consultants

Our consultants are highly-trained, professionally recognized through competency certifications and real, practical experience.

Faster Turnaround

Our industry experience allows us to deliver services and deploy solutions with a faster turnaround. Faster delivery means faster response for your business.

Friendliest Support

With the friendlies and most knowledgeable support engineers, you are guaranteed a sastisfactory problem-resolution.

We assist our clients to better understand the features, benefits and maximize return on their Microsoft technology investment.