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Coldboot Support

Coldboot Support

If you were ever let down by a previous vendor, or in-house developed projects have grown unmanageable, our Coldboot Support team can help with the support and maintenance of your SharePoint, Microsoft 365, Azure and SQL Server environments.

Starting with a health check to identify the performance, reliability and security of your existing solution, our Coldboot Support Team will advise on the appropriate level of support to ensure the uptime of your solution.

Be at peace with knowing that the uptime of your environments are guaranteed with Proaktiv- and Reactiv Specialist support services:

Coldboot Support Service Benefits:

Start moving confidently to the cloud with FastTrack and enjoy these service benefits:

  • Proaktiv Specialist Support

    Proaktiv Support is to ensure the on-going maintenance of your SharePoint and SQL Server services and solution.s This includes patching, hot fixing, monitoring disk-space and more.

  • Reactiv Specialist Support

    Reaktive Support is to fix unanticipated problems with your SharePoint solution. This could range from a single page error through to a full system outage.

Coldboot Support